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S.I.U. Investigation

This service draws on investigative training and experience to independently develop and execute appropriate investigative strategies for assigned cases. Detailed investigative-reports are completed, and evidence is gathered to assist in determining compensability. C.X.I. has established an extensive network with law enforcement agencies and works in collaboration to investigate suspicious losses.

Witness Interviews

This service is invaluable to clients involved in complex litigation when pre-deposition interviews are warranted or preferred. Our investigators work directly with the clients and engage in thorough intelligence gathering to ensure a strong working knowledge of the facts prior to any witness contact. They then use their extensive interrogation skills coupled with tact and professionalism to cost-effectively obtain information from those witnesses. A fully comprehensive report is provided to the client in order for them to best assess their next course of action.

Background Investigations

As intelligence is gathered, accurate background information is vital. This service includes (but is not limited to) comprehensive reports detailing a subject’s personal information (identity verification), criminal, civil, financial, employment, business, or asset information. These report records are thorough and will ensure you have the necessary facts regarding the subject inquired.

Medical Provider Investigations

This service documents the number of patients frequenting a clinic within a predetermined amount of time. Surveillance will be conducted to obtain video footage of patient appointment duration, patient vehicle information, and the physician’s frequency at the designated clinic.

Other documentation such as clinic licensing records and associated practice history may be available. Information is subject to the clinics specific reporting requirements.

Undercover Operations

This service, usually coupled with a cooperating witness or an informant, permits us to get inside a civil or criminal apparatus and stay there long enough to find out how it works and who the players are. Undercover work is a cost effective method of gathering vital intelligence.

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